SansepolcroCornerstone of routes and paths Sansepolcro is the birthplace of Piero della Francesca, an inspiration of the works, and the pivot point between all the territories involved. Walking in the old town you are in a museum remains widespread and is mesmerized by the harmony of the streets, traced in the works of the painter, the elegance of the palaces and churches true treasures of works of art. The beautiful views, the views daring, the barren and rocky mountains, the Tiber river that borders the city of Sansepolcro appear frequently in his work as natural elements that bear witness to his deep bond with the territory. Although it boasts millenary origins, Sansepolcro reaches its splendor during the Renaissance as a crossroads of trade, cultural, artistic and religious. It gave birth to Luca Pacioli, a distinguished mathematician friend of Leonardo da Vinci.

Civic Museum Sansepolcro:
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Tourist Office:
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Products and dishes of the territory of Sansepolcro

  • PDO(Protected Designation of Origin): Cinta Of Siena, Caprese Michelangelo Chestnuts, Tuscan Pecorino, Tuscan Ham
  • PGI (Protected Geographical Indication): Oil Toscano – Hills of Arezzo, White Bullock of the Central Chianina;
  • DOC (Denomination of controlled origin): Chianti Wine of Arezzo’s Hills;
  • IGT (Indicazione geografica tipica): Tuscany;
  • Dishes:
    • Appetizers: crostini with chicken liver crostini with black cabbage, panzanella;
    • First course: homemade pasta (bringoli, ravioli, tagliatelle), ribollita, tomato soup, chickpea soup, bean soup, spelled soup, polenta;
    • Main dishes: roasted meats grilled, game, mushrooms (porcini and blackthorn), chopped steak, truffles, polenta and beans;
    • Sweets: Baldino (made with chestnut flour), pangiallo, nooks, honey./li>