Madonna der Geburt

The Madonna del Parto, one of the highest expressions of the Renaissance, is universal reference to the maternity for every woman on Earth.

A work shrouded in mystery, both for the choice of the site where it was painted, which was a place formerly elected to the devotion of divine figures protectors of fertitility, and for the still unknown client, the unique masterpiece could be an initiative of the master himself.

Romana di Perino, Piero’s mother was originally from Monterchi, because of this the artist may have painted here the celebration of life in the most solemn form: “A thoughtful Demeter Christian witness to the mystery of the eternal generation”, so definesit  Charles De Tolnay.

The fresco was made around the middle of the fifteenth century in the ancient church of Santa Maria in Silvis and is now preserved in a museum in the historic center of Monterchi


Madonna del Parto Museum
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