LogoComune121X159In the most hidden and untouched Tuscany, between churches and castles, on the border with Umbria stands Monterchi, ancient medieval village, the guardian of a unique landscape that inspired Piero della Francesca.
Visiting this place, where it is said to be born of the artist’s mother, means a complete path, that is sublimated in the vision of the landscape that Piero painted in his masterpieces.
In Monterchi sunflowers, lavender scent, local flavors and a historic “intimate” center carrying tourists on a journey through time and into a dimension of peace and unpublished beauty.
Farms, B & Bs, inns, typical products, horse riding or just walking offer the traveler a unique experience in Tuscany.


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Products and dishes of the territory of Monterchi

  • PDO(Protected Designation of Origin): Tuscan Ham, Tuscan Pecorino, Chianina Steak, Cinta Senese, Caprese Michelangelo Chestnuts;
  • PGI (Protected Geographical Indication): Tuscan Oil PGI – Hills of Arezzo, White Bullock of the Central Appenines;
  • DOC (Denomination of controlled origin): Chianti Wine of Arezzo’s Hills;
  • Dishes:
    • Appetizers: crostini with chicken liver crostini with black cabbage, garlic bread with porcini, panzanella, Tuscan salami and ham, finocchiona;
    • First course: homemade pasta (ravioli, tagliatelle and bringoli), polenta ribollita, tomato soup, chickpea soup, bean soup, spelled soup;
    • Main dishes: roasted meats grilled, game, mushrooms (porcini and blackthorn), truffles blacks and whites, chopped steak, beans and cannellini bean toscanello;
    • baldino (made with chestnut flour), tart, pangiallo, nooks and honey;
    • Liqueurs: vin santo and walnut.