Piero della Francesca left masterpieces, in part lost, in many cities of the Marches, including Ancona, Loreto, Pesaro. But it is in the streets and palaces of Urbino that the proverbial geometries of Piero seem to come alive.

From the Apennines to the sea, the Valmetauro is a harmonious landscape composed of vines, olive trees, hills and medieval villages. Here Piero della Francesca setting for some of his most famous works, including the Nativity, the Triumphs and the Portrait of Federico da Montefeltro.

In a sign of Piero and the importance it had for the art of the region, the Marche and Umbria support the itinerary Terre del Duca that after Urbino arrives in the Renaissance cities of Pesaro, where the Civic Museums house the monumental Coronation the Virgin of Giovanni Bellini and Senigallia known for great Rocca Della Rovere and rich in masterpieces of Perugino and Federico Barocci. To know the landscape background of many of his works, the Marche Region promotes the visit of Balconies of Piero, spread between Romagna and Marche.