The Saracen Joust June 2018

A colorful Piazza Grande houses the Giostra del Saracino, game of medieval origins, known and appreciated by the whole world. Porta Crucifera, Porta del Foro, Porta Sant'Andrea and Porta Santo Spirito are the names of the four quarters that compete for the victory: riding the horse, the jockey tries to hit the center of the target with the lance, supported by an armored revolving automaton called 'King of the Indies' or 'Buratto'. The neighbourhood that obtains the highest score wins the Giostra and the Rector receives the gold spear, symbol of victory. The evocative and colorful procession rises up to reach the Cathedral where the Te Deum, a hymn of thanksgiving, is sung. … And let the games begin!




From: 23/06/2018 to 23/06/2018


The Saracen Joust Association


Phone number: 0575377462


Price notesBooking service is available from 8 march to 28 may only for those residing outside the province of Arezzo. TRIBUNA A POLTRONCINE: Lancia d'Oro Sector: full 100EUR, reduced 90EUR Central Sector: full 70EUR, reduced 60EUR (booking available only for residents outside the province) Fontana Sector: full 60EUR, reduced 50EUR TRIBUNA A: Central: full 60EUR, reduced 50EUR (booking available only for residents outside the province for 210 seats) Lateral Buratto: full 50EUR, reduced 40EUR Lateral Fontana: full 40EUR, reduced 30EUR TRIBUNA B: First Sector: full 50EUR, reduced 40EUR Second Sector: full 40EUR, reduced 30EUR TRIBUNA C: Full 30EUR, reduced 20EUR STANDING PLACES: Full 10EUR, reduced 6EUR Children from 0 to 5 years free entry holden in arms by adults. There is a discount of €10 on the price of the tickets for children from 5 to 14 years and adults over 70.