Piero della Francesca, Seduction of Perspective

The exhibition, with over thirty models and reproductions of tools for perspective drawing, shows the two souls of Piero della Francesca, one of the most refined 15th century painters, well known in his time also for his outstanding mathematical skills. The artist from Sansepolcro was a master of abacus, a Euclidean surveyor, a scholar of Archimedes and, as Luca Pacioli called him, the "king" of perspective. His treatise "De prospectiva pingendi" was the first manual on perspective drawing, which deeply influenced other artists and theorists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Durer and Daniele Barbaro. 

The great Renaissance perspective experience begins here, concurrently with the development of geometric theory informing the actual painting. 


Sansepolcro (AR)


From: 25/03/2018 to 24/02/2019


Museo Civico Piero della Francesca - Sansepolcro

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Phone number: 0575732218

Hours: From 25 September to 9 June: 10am-1pm and 2,30-6pm From 10 June to 24 September: 10am-1,30pm and 2,30-7pm



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