Palio della Balestra – the crossbow competition

On the second Sunday in September is the most important event of the Games Festival and in Piazza Torre di Berta “Let the Shoot begin!”  is the phrase which starts the century old challenge between the archers of Sansepolcro and Gubbio. During the challenge around eighty archers take turns at the shooting range and try to hit the exact centre of the target with their arrows. In the past, the prize for the winner of the competition was a cloth made of wool (from the Latino "pallium"), the cloth was used to make a tunic. Today the prize has been substituted by a work of art made each year by a different artist. The crossbow was thought to be the most powerful weapon until the invention of the firearm. The Torre di Berta square is surrounded by Renaissance buildings and is natural scenery against which the archers and the costumed figures of the two cities parade, their entrance to the square is announced by the roll of drums and the sound of trumpets while the flag bearers launch their coloured flags in the air. 


Sansepolcro (Arezzo)


From: 30/08/2019 to 08/09/2019


Società dei Balestrieri di Sansepolcro


Phone number: 0575740536


Price notesTickets: 15,00 €