National Trade of White Truffle of Acqualagna

In Acqualagna, a State Nature Reserve close to the Furlo gorge, is where the earth's gold grows: the truffle. Here, every season has its own truffle type and 2/3 of the national production are obtained: white, bianchetto, precious black, summer black or scorzone truffle! During the 53rd Fair, the city houses the stands of traders, where you can taste and buy the excellent truffle and it’s products; there will also be an area dedicated to wine, local furniture crafts and stone processing.


Acqualagna (PU)


From: 28/10/2018 to 11/11/2018

Date notes:The fair is on Sunday 28th, the weekend 1-4 of November and Saturday and Sunday 10 - 11


Acqualagna Istitutional Website


Phone number: 072179671


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