47° Festival of Polenta, Monterchi

Although it is onsidered a poor dish, polenta  represents a great wealth, linked to its ancient origin and to the rural tradition. Unlike many other foods, its consumption has not ceased but  has been revisited and appreciated at all levels. Being a typical dish of the cold season, the Festival of Polenta di Monterchi frequented by thousands of people every year, marks the beginning of autumn and winter, when one becomes pleasant to warm up with a good plate of steaming hot polenta. The appointment is now a must and essential to enjoy the polenta expertly prepared by the volunteers of Proloco Monterchi. It will be possible to taste it with various condiments at km 0: ragù, wild boar, mushrooms and fried. In these three days will be involved the lower part of Monterchi, called Mercatale, and the historic center, with the stands and the opportunity to eat not only the delicious dish.




From: 20/09/2019 to 22/09/2019


Pro Loco Monterchi

Email: info@prolocomonterchi.it

Phone number: 057570241



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