Bologna and Ferrara
The biographical reconstruction of the life of the itinerant Master gives some information that between 1440 and 1449 Piero della Francesca lived in various Italian courts, including Bologna and Ferrara. At the court of the Marquis Lionello d’Este, cultured and refined-brother of Borso d’Este, Piero worked in 1449 at the Castle and the church of Sant’Andrea, realizing frescoes which unfortunately were lost.
The stay in Ferrara is still made sure from the art of Piero that influenced on the beginnings of the Renaissance the painting in Ferrara.
Giorgio Vasari says that Piero painted “many rooms in the palace which were later ruined by old Duke Ercole to reduce the building to modern” and “a cappella” in St. Augustine – actually in the church of Sant’Andrea, belonging to the Augustinians – which already in his day was “moisture misconduct”.

While in 1451 he was in Rimini, called by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, promoter of a conscious artistic renewal in the Renaissance sense, to work to the Malatesta Temple where he left the votive fresco with monumental St. Sigismund and Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, the Valmarecchia, near Rimini offers the opportunity to inspect the landscapes that inspired the artist believed until 2007 imaginary landscapes. These are the Balconies of Montefeltro: San Leo for the works of Battista Sforza and San Gerolamo and Devoto in Sant’Agata Feltria for The Baptism of Christ.