The College of the Exchange

A true “candy” that embodies the best of Perugino.
The College of the Exchange is part of the Prior’ Palace in Perugia, best known for the Audience Hall with the frescoes by Perugino.
The moneychangers of Perugia (ie the bankers) were brought together in a powerful corporation called “Art of Change”. Between 1452 and 1457 they were privileged to be able to fix its headquarters in the Prior’ Palace, especially just before the end of the current graft via Boncambi via Vannucci.
The venue was arranged architecturally by Bartolomeo di Mattiolo and Lodovico of Antonibo in those years, then near the end of the century it was decided to entrust the decoration of the Audience to a number of artists. The wooden furniture were produced by Domenico del Tasso, who used it for the first time in this type of furniture grotesque decoration, while the painting was entrusted to Pietro Perugino, who was then considered the greatest artist of Italy and held workshop simultaneously in Florence and Perugia.


College of the Exchange
Corso Vannucci, 25
06121 Perugia
+39 075 5728599