Church of San Domenico and the Crucifix by Cimabue

The church of the Dominican order was begun in 1275 and completed at the beginning of the fourteenth century. The asymmetrical façade, masonry, also includes the bell tower has two bells. The interior has a nave, which is illuminated by 12 windows whose mutual distance decreases as you approach the apse, thus giving a greater sense of depth. The church is decorated with frescoes of the fourteenth and fifteenth of artists Arezzo and Siena, unfortunately very deteriorated. The chapel Dragomanni, dating from the fourteenth century, is the only chapel remained inside the church. The Gothic structure with an altar carved in black stone and inside a fresco depicting Jesus teenager who talks to the doctors in the Temple.


Church of San Domenico
Piazza S. Domenico
52100 Arezzo
Monday-Saturday 10-13 / 14-19
Sunday 10-11 / 12,30-19