Bagno di Romagna

The small town on the Apennines, in the heart of Tuscany-Romagna, is placed along the E45, the fast road linking Rome, the capital, to Ravenna, the city of the sea, guardian of Byzantine masterpieces. Is a few tens of kilometers from the Adriatic coast to the north and from the cities of Tuscany – Arezzo and Florence – in the south. Bagno di Romagna is the temple of slow living. The purity of the elements, the natural warmth of the water, the intensity of the flavors, the friendliness of a small mountain community and the quality of services, the fruit of long experience, are the souls of a land of encounters: with the history of long bond with Florence; with the pleasure of the body, pampered, massaged, rocked by the thermal waters; with the nature of the National Park of Casentino Forests and its network of villages and trails; with the gastronomy, the refined of the great chefs and the convivial atmosphere of small inns; with the spirituality of the holy places that dot the surrounding area.
The development of recent years also not upset the appearance of Bath whose heart today is not unlike the medieval or Renaissance. This allowed Bath to maintain a tiny and precious size, made of narrow medieval streets, towers, squares, buildings designed by the long Florentine domination, giving it a unique feel that much apart from other spas: a bath in fact the country “is” the spa park.